Just thought I’d update and mention what I’m up to.  As of Monday I’ve been working on a feature film called Long Way North as an assistant animator, meaning I take the finished animation from the animators and paint over and clean it up so it looks like it does in the trailer above.

It’s my first real paying job in this industry and I’m really psyched about working on this beautiful project.  I hope everyone gets a chance to see it!

trailer for an upcoming animation film! Looks so cool!


Layout assignment with Uri Kranot. Here we took the bird animation and put it in an environment in After Effects. I edited a background from Disney’s Pocahontas to create a parallax effect.


Cleanup animation, flying bird.

We had to make a flying cycle of a bird of own choice. I chose a heron.

Character design with Julia Bracegirdle. We got a sound clip from an old american beer commercial for which we had to create some character designs. We were focusing on simple designs that would do well for limited animation. I must admit that character design isn’t my strongest area, but still I think I enjoyed the process of using shapes, ink splatters and collage techniques to quickly establish a design. Definitely worth a try!